Day 50: Discipline Becomes Freedom

December 1, happens to be the 50th day in this #365tomakeit project. It’s a nice time to regroup and think about what I’ve learned so far. I’ve missed 19 days of content, which is a 62% success rate. I hope this success rate improves by the end of this project.

Allocating daily time for music has been a tremendous help in creating and practicing more music. Throughout the day I find myself thinking, “What kinds of content can I throw together in an hour?” I suppose I could post more photos when I don’t find time to record video, but I would LOVE to only have video posts on my Instagram page, just so there would be some kind of audio in each post. I’ve been finding out that some videos take longer to produce than others. Regardless, this #365tomakeit project is teaching me that I can create content every day if I set aside the time.

I can make videos that require less preparation, like recording myself practicing. Recording my practice sessions means I can record all of my mistakes and do very little video editing. I can essentially just hit record, do what I needed to do, and post the video. Most days, I think I sound terrible during practice! Although I recommend recording your practice for your own growth, I feel pretty bad about my playing when I post my flawed stuff. In the end, I think most of my posts throughout this project will be of this sort.

I can also make videos that take more preparation like tutorial videos. Tutorials take lots of time to prepare because they require writing such as the overall structure of the lesson and the actual words spoken in the lesson. I would also need to practice the technique I’m teaching and the delivery of the lesson. Lastly, tutorials require a considerable amount of video editing. I would love to post more of these, but I don’t have a good idea how much time to set aside for these. I think it’s safe to say I will make more of these whenever I’m on break from school.

My favorite type of video to produce requires a medium amount of preparation, and that’s the play-through music video. These music videos require me to practice an entire song to the point that I can play it nearly perfectly and then record a single uninterrupted take (ideally the audio and video are recorded on separate devices to improve the quality). Typically, I can practice a song for about 30-45 minutes and then record a near-perfect take so this is pretty ideal for daily content.

In my previous blog post about a month ago, I said that I intended to record a new, high quality demo each week, but I’m finding that it can take more than a week’s practice just to record a good take. I would very much like to continue writing new music, but the only way I can produce a song per week is by programming the music and learning to play it after releasing.

So, I’ve adjusted my approach once again: I will continue to try and post content daily. But instead of being completely silent on days I can’t record music, I’ll create some other content like photos or videos of me talking. My blog’s aim is still to record my discoveries and realizations in hopes that someone else can benefit from it. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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