Day 100: New Year, New Direction

January 20 marks Day 100 of my self-imposed, modified #365tomakeit challenge. At Day 50 I hoped to make a song a week, but my focus has instead shifted to creating a piece of content each day.

I’ve decided on my method of choice after much experimenting, and I think that new constraints will lead to more bass videos than other instruments.

With this challenge, I was hoping to focus on musicianship more than video editing. As a result of experimenting, though, I’ve actually begun to enjoy video editing. If I could only play things well enough to record more than one good take, I could probably make some nice, scripted, directed videos.

In the interest of time, I like to leave the camera recording while I practice and then I’ll stop recording when I get a good take. I would like to practice certain things more than stopping at one good take, like Flaccid Acid songs. (I remind myself to practice these things to the extent that I can’t play it wrong.) Stopping after one good take is plenty for a daily instagram video.

I’ve also moved into a new place since the beginning of the year. Packing, moving, and unpacking is pretty exhausting and I really don’t want to be too hard on myself when I don’t get around to recording. The new living situation does create a new recording possibility. At my previous home, I recorded drums, bass, and guitar through my iPhone’s camera. A little before Christmas, I bought myself a Yamaha THR10 desktop amp, which lets me plug directly into my iPhone’s camera through a lightning adapter. In my new place, I can actually have space to plug my guitars into my desktop computer via a USB interface. Now I can effectively record audio and edit a video (recorded on my iphone or a DSLR) all on my computer! I don’t have my drums, but I can record guitars and program any other instruments. This inspires a new, exciting plan: I can make beats!

I love bands, but lately I’ve been obsessed with solo acts that I’ve seen live, like Go Yama for example, who plays guitar solos over his beats. I’ve been toying with the idea since joining Flaccid Acid that maybe I should make a solo act. I first thought about playing drums like Michael Schack, but learned that I would need to do some programming to trigger samples. I then thought about playing guitar on stage like Go Yama, but I don’t feel confident enough in playing a whole setlist of guitar solos. I could play chords on a guitar confidently (and sometimes sing while playing), but that isn’t quite the act I want to perform. When I first learned how to produce music electronically, I really wanted to make beats. For me, making beats feels like the music project that’s truest to me.

Stay tuned, folks. I really want to make beats. So I’m probably going to make beats.

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