Day 151: Changing It Up Again

So it’s Day 151 and I’m pretty disappointed that I’ve changed plans once again. No more beat or song deadlines!

Let’s assess the damage so far. By Day 50, I realized that it takes a lot of time to record and edit videos in addition to recording music. (I also wanted to make a song per week, but that didn’t happen…) To make up for the lack of videos, I relaxed the rules and wanted to include more photos and behind-the-scenes content. The next non-video content I made was a blog write-up for changing the tuners on one of my basses, which I think turned out well. I didn’t make any other non-video content until my Day 100 wrap-up.

In Day 100’s write-up, I declared that I would start making beats. I produced two beats, Day 128 and Day 145 “Overslept Again.” I’m kinda happy with those two songs… I would like to go back and get some better recordings, but I’d rather not dwell on that when I could just make more music. I took about two months to prepare my computer to run Ableton Live, but every time I would change plugins or VST instruments the app would freeze. I was pretty excited to learn Ableton, but I also want to avoid buying gear that I don’t need so I will probably pick that up another day. Trying to use Ableton ruined my flow, and I ended up reverting back to my trusty 2008 MacBook to record in Logic 9. 

Back to the present, it’s Day 151 and I think I’ve come up with the goals that I can finally keep. I’m going to try to write a blog post every day for the rest of this project. The point of this project was always to discipline myself into creating daily and it’s been quite a journey. I beat myself up for not recording a song and video each day, but I’ve been reacquainted myself with my guitars and learned a couple video editing programs as a result. I beat myself up for not creating a song each week, but I’ve learned about different workflows and different DAWs (music programs) as a result. These failures have steered me back to my blog, which was supposed to keep me grounded as I try to understand the music business. I’ve had a tough time trying to re-frame these failures as lessons, but it’s become clearer to me that I need to write these things out to properly process them. My hope is that blogging will help me grow as an artist, letting me write out my discoveries and activities. Maybe one day, some person out there who also likes to read will find my blog and learn something useful.

I’m by no means an expert at any of this music business stuff, but I let my curiosity take me down some odd paths. I’ve been listening to business-y podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show (finding older episodes with music artists), Music Producer’s Treasure Box, Music Entrepreneur Club Podcast, 6 Figure Home Studio, and Creative Pep Talk, to find music business ideas, learn about current music industry norms, and seek sources of motivation. I’ve been reviewing my Daily Mixes in Spotify, finding a bunch of new and old music. I’ve bought Dan Mumm’s Sweep Picking Compendium and Video Course and Drumeo’s The Drummers Toolbox. I’m consuming a bunch of material and content to fuel my love for music. It’s tough, but I’ve somehow managed to cultivate my musical growth while taking college courses (in I.T. subjects) and working a full-time day job.

I think the next few posts will about my search for music that inspires me. We’ll see what happens. Until next blog post, happy listening and happy reading.

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