Day 157: Vow of Volition

I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos since I’ve been sick at home for about a week now. YouTube suggested I look at Vow of Volition’s channel, specifically their How to Write Like Dance Gavin Dance video. They also have similar videos for chon, Polyphia, and Periphery, so I felt I could vibe with this guy’s musical taste.

His explanations in the DGD video are so accurate, especially identifying the “Swan Chord,” that I had to check out his band and I’m liking what I’ve heard. It’s heavy, progressive, melodic djent. Check them out!

Regardless, something that’s really been resonating with me is that I am so much more comfortable on bass than guitar! Shredding is still my goal, it’s just that I’m learning more ways that guitars and basses are played differently. I’ll definitely need to keep the techniques for guitar and bass playing separate in my head in order to keep improving. Although the instruments look similar, I have much to learn about their differences.

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