Day 161: Guitar Study

I saw an interesting lesson plan on reddit for studying jazz guitar in 3 weeks. I’ve played electric bass and drums in a jazz band before, and I’ve listened to a bunch of jazz music. But, I’ve always been too intimidated to play jazz on guitar.

Now, I can’t really tell who posted this comment in the r/jazzguitar reddit, so forgive me for not finding the origin. I am paraphrasing to reduce the guitar jargon…

  • Week 1: Memorize Maj7, dom7 and m7 shell voicings rooted on 5th and 6th strings.
  • Week 2: learn some standard melodies at slow tempos
  • Week 3: try to improvise over these familiar songs

Basically, this lesson plan helps a guitarist practice changing between chords and the various “colors” of chords. For example, knowing how to make an A chord, and how to make it an A Major 7 chord, A dominant 7th, A minor 7. After becoming familiar with the chords and voicings, you start to play along to music. Then in the third week, you start playing around with music by playing melodies you aren’t sure will work until you play them.

I’m excited because of the simplicity of the program, but as a cheapskate, it will probably take some time to find tabs or chord charts for all of the chords and voicings. I’ll write another post when I finally dive in.

Cheers for now…

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