Day 165: Minor 7 Chords

Here’s yet another set of chord voicings to learn. If you know the minor chords on guitar, we’re omitting the octave note and flattening it one full tone, or two frets.

Normally, I would like to use the A minor scale as an example when talking about minor because it has the same natural notes as the C major scale: A B C D E F G. Although it’s important to notice this similarity, I should probably compare C major to C minor to really highlight the differences. The C minor scale is different from a C major scale in two places: the 3rd interval is flat and the 7th interval is flat. The C major scale is C D E F G A B while the C minor scale is C D Eb F G A Bb. When we play a normal minor chord, we only play intervals 1, 3, and 5, or C G C Eb G in the case of C minor on guitar, with the C and G repeating again in higher octaves. But, when we play a minor 7 chord, we’re playing the 7th interval instead of the octave so you hear an additional interval. C minor 7 is C G Bb Eb G on guitar so you really hear that 7th interval.

Just like the other posts this week, here are the notes and chord charts for the minor 7 chords…

Cm7 C G Bb Eb G
Dm7 D A C F
Em7 E B E G D E
Fm7 F C Eb Ab
Gm7 G D C Bb D G
Am7 A E G C E
Bm7 B D A B Gb

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