Day 170: Trying to Learn Autumn Leaves

So this is Week 2 of the Jazz Guitar Crash course, I’m supposed to learn Autumn Leaves. I’m familiar with the song because I learned to play bass to it for a few gigs, but I encountered a hiccup: I don’t have any of these new chords memorized!

Imagine my surprise as I sat down with the music… First chord is E minor… (Easy!) Then it’s A minor… (No problem!) Then it’s F#7… (Uhh… That should be like F7 but slide over one fret?) Then B7… (Okay, maybe I got this!). The next measure went from E minor into Em7, and I drew a blank!

To get back on track, I drilled for ten minutes straight: I set a metronome to 60 BPM and tried to change the chord every four beats. I was hopeful that after 5 minutes, I wouldn’t need to look at my chord charts, but I really couldn’t look away. This probably means I need to spend a few more days trying to memorize chords…

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