Fender Jazz Bass Special 1984-87

Just look at it!
It’s got some chipped paint
Some dents in the finish around the J Pickup
Little scratches
More scratches on the finish
Some dents and scratches on the backside
You can see where the previous owner(s) wore down the finish of the neck. This bass has been played a lot and I like that!
I also appreciated that the guitar shop put bubble wrap under the strings. The bass was very close to in-tune despite having traveled from Australia to the United States.

This particular bass is special in a bunch of ways. This line of basses was made only in Japan (JujiGen), who at the time was apparently making better basses than their American counterpart. They have a Jazz Bass neck, Precision Bass body (basswood like my electric guitars), and original (read: irreplaceable) rubber coated plastic knobs for dials. Come on! This 8.5 lb. guitar is a tough-sounding piece of Fender history.

Those knobs are for volume, pickup blend, bass, and treble (because it’s active, very special). It’s got Fender’s “Dragster” P/neck pickup, a “Hotrod” J/bridge pickup, and it’s the lightest electric guitar I own! It’s feels pretty quick and nimble, even though these strings are clearly old.

One “special” feature is the candy red finish. It’s full scale at 34” with a fast, flat 10” fretboard radius. Another special feature is that the neck of the Bass has a Micro-Tilt mechanism close to where the neck is bolted to the body. I could tilt the neck to a suitable angle with an allen screw.

I’m very glad to have come across such a rare find to add to my “I-swear-I-never-planned-to-collect-guitars” collection. This is definitely going to be my main bass for pretty much everything. The 5-string bass will finally get a rest. And I’ll make more proper videos for Instagram soon.

Also, I’ve given up on the #365tomakeit project. I got close to 200 days, but really the daily pressure to make something was too much for me to handle. Now that I’m on a strict no-noodle regimen, more ideas come to me when I’m not feeling rushed. In case you’re wondering, the no-noodle regimen means that I’m only allowed to work on a specific skill, write, or play along to music when I pick up a guitar, and I’m not allowed to noodle. This has become a great driving force in my creativity: just having fun!

This bass is fun, so I’ll probably write more stuff. I’m learning more about guitar so I’ll enjoy that as well. I haven’t memorized chords for Autumn Leaves yet, but I’ll get to it. Just hang in there. So until next time, see you later!

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